Video Log (VLOG) pre-Speedgoat Training

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Instead of writing about my training and prep for The Speedgoat 50km this weekend, I filmed a video log entry:



Thanks for all the support and best of luck with all your training and racing!



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2-time Olympic Trials Qualifier, Mountain runner, Author of "Running For The Hansons," trail runner, videos for Vo2max Productioins, LLC.

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  1. nate says:

    you got a number in mind for speedgoat?

  2. SageCanaday says:

    I’ve got some numberS (in a list!)

    1. Don’t get lost
    2. Don’t break a bone
    3. Don’t bonk.

    Other than that just finish my best. I’ll write CR splits/pace down on my arm most likely for reference though!

  3. Mark says:

    Hi Sage!
    Training question/s. With regards to overall training, how do you find the right balance of different workouts? Very broad question, I know. I’ll try to explain. When you were with Hansons compared to now. How do you find out which workouts suit you better? Example, hills-longer and slower or short and harder. Is it more of what you like to do or what you should do? Hopefully I’m making a bit of sense. I’m just trying to find my happy point in training. Thanks again for all of your blogging and Sandi’s too. It a real treat to read about all of your adventures. My wife and I met you at the Fueled by Wine half marathon last year in the Dundee Hills of Oregon. Pleasure talking with you and your father. There is a local race company here in Salem, Oregon called RUN WILD ADVENTURES that have some very interesting and fun races. They really do put on some of the best races around. Maybe a bit shorter that you might like, but maybe you need a hard speed session!?
    Take care and best of luck at Speedgoat and beyond this year.

    Mark Robins

  4. Blair says:

    Enjoyable video. Looks like that split reference worked out pretty dang well. Congrats!

  5. Rich Hopton says:

    Looks like the training paid off Sage, well done on the result!

  6. SageCanaday says:

    Hey Mark,
    Thanks for your comment and great to hear from you again!
    With ultras I address my weaknesses mainly (spending time on feet, powerhiking and going up really steep/rocky trails). I also mainly do workouts I like (ie uphill tempo runs at a steady pace for a long time) or very easy runs inbetween. You do have to address the demands of the race though. For example, I dread doing long hard runs but I know I have to do them for ultras!

    Do what you like, mix it up, and have fun! That sounds like a nice race series…I loved racing in Salem!


  7. SageCanaday says:

    Hey thanks for watching! I really appreciate the support!

  8. SageCanaday says:

    thank you very much!

  9. Richard Sirrs says:

    Hey Sage, I just wanted to let you know that I find your youtube vids really helpful and that the advice included in the vids is really seems working for me. Also congrats on the win! You actually inspired me to relocate from Bangkok to Northern Thailand in search of hills to train for some stair races I have this summer. I have one question/concern I hope you might be able to help me with. At the moment I’m doing 40 miles a week on the roads/trails with vertical gain of about 14,000 ft. When I hit the stairs I feel so much stronger than I did before I included the hill training. Unfortunately I have to move back to Bangkok August 20th, my race is mid Sept… how fast will I lose the fitness I’ve gained in the last 5 weeks and what do you think are the best workouts I can do to try and maintain my current fitness level without hill sessions (Bangkok is flat). I’d hate to go backwards after making such good progress. Also have you ever had a go at stair racing? Cheers mate.


  10. Richard Sirrs says:

    Apologies, I got my metres to feet conversion a bit wrong there, its more like 12,000 feet.

  11. SageCanaday says:

    Hey Richard,
    Thanks for your message. I think you can keep your fitness by doing faster/interval and long tempo run training. The mechanics of racing up stairs are a bit different (even from uphill running) and I can’t say I know too much about that! Are there any stairs you can at least practice running up? Also a treadmill on incline can do wonders. Good luck!

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