Vo2max Productions Podcast #1

November 18, 2014 | By | 10 Replies More

Those of you that follow my YouTube channel Vo2max Productions already know that I post a new “Training Talk” video every Thursday (please subscribe and share if you like those too!)

…Well, now I’m also going to post some regular podcasts here! I figure with most runners going mobile now you can tune-in for longer training talks and more in-depth conversations about the sport we love while out on a long run (or on your commute to/from work!). I’m new to this podcast thing so any advice/feedback would be much appreciated.  Feel free to subscribe, share, and comment for the latest updates. Thanks for your support!


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2-time Olympic Trials Qualifier, Mountain runner, Author of "Running For The Hansons," trail runner, videos for Vo2max Productioins, LLC.

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  1. Mcronrn says:

    My only suggestion is more IC and less ES, more TU and less URP, more talking to your audience like they’re grad students rather than undergrads (which is more accurate in keeping with chronological age anyway). No offense, because I enjoy that show too, but I know what I’ld rather hear more of…

  2. Jose Eduardo Storopoli says:

    Nice, a perfect thing to hear on the day after my first Ironman.

  3. ES says:

    There’s certainly room for more! High brow, low brow, or in between. Have fun and let me know if you’ve got any questions.

  4. patrick voo says:

    hey sage – thanks for offering to share your wisdom, insights and experiences via another media form!

    as i’m entering into my ‘off-season’ period, i’d love to hear more about:
    > key recovery tactics
    > how you structure your base-building workouts
    > the downside/dangers of running your workouts at the wrong effort

    keep enjoying the run brother!

  5. Richard says:

    So cool to have a podcast to go along with the youtube channel.

    My right had always been why you provide so much assistance to amateur runners with no cost associated. These days you see so many coaches and trainers that charge fees for their services. Sandy abd yourself pesticide a wealth of information simply to help other runners. Can you explain that a bit more?

  6. Jeremy says:

    It would be awesome if we could subscribe through iTunes also. Then they would automatically download to our devices.

  7. SageCanaday says:

    hey thanks for the topics Patrick! I think I’ll start transferring over some of my YouTube video training talks (the audio files at least) to add to the podcast collection for now. Stay tuned for more!!

  8. SageCanaday says:

    Great idea! Should be on iTunes now!

  9. SageCanaday says:

    Hey Richard,
    Thanks for your comment. To answer your question: The sport (and more importantly the community of people) of distance running has given me so much over the years that this is my small way of “giving something back.” If some info that I provide helps others enjoy the sport or running more and/or achieve their goals then it is satisfying for me as well! I get a kick out of it. That being said, Sandi and I also charge for monthly coaching plans (more time and detail) and I do make a bit of money off of Google Ads on my site here and from YouTube (not much, but it adds value to have more content for viewers like yourself who visit also).

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