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WEEK #6 Training: Nov. 11th to 17th, 2012

I just want to remind everyone that in this month of feasting on turkey, eating pumpkin pie and drinking beer and wine like water, that Vo2max Productions will be supporting the charity UNICEF. There are countless individuals out there in the world that need our help and so anything you can do (from just spreading the word to donating to volunteering your time) can at least make a dent in the hardships that others face everyday:

FACT: (on average) In the time it takes for your heart to beat about 5 times, a child somewhere in the world dies from a cause that we have the power to prevent! That’s over 19,000 children dying everyday from things like starvation/malnourishment, dirty water, and treatable diseases.



AM: Easy 73min out and back flat trails

(9.5 miles)



“Tempo Run,” uphill for 34min: ran up Green Mountain doing the longer/slower and seldom run middle route (Gregory lot, Ranger, Greenman). Got an FKT in 34:15. Ran back down Ranger. 70 minutes

(9 miles)

Here’ s a little video I put together of the effort as “evidence”:



PM: Easy 60min flat

PM: EASY 28min flat (knee and ankle a little sore)

(12 miles)



AM: “Birthday Long Run” 3 hours flat for 28 miles (6:25/mile ave.). I actually ended up running an extra mile since I just turned 27. Out around the mostly flat Res a couple times then hit up the slower trails on N. Boulder and negative split things by quite a bit.  Took 40 ounces total of one Gu Brew packet split in half and one gel. Left shin started getting a little stiff. Not a walk in the park, but felt surprisingly strong!

(28 miles)



PM: Easy 40min…right shin pretty sore. Put some ice on it and popped a couple pain pills.

(5 miles)



AM: Shin hurt when I woke up lying in bed so I decided to take the day totally off. I’m not afraid of putting in a “0” day anymore like I used to be.




AM: Ran for about 60min in the snow on some trails around Turquoise lake outside of Leadville around 10,000 feet. Great scenic run! Shin felt a lot better!

(6.5 miles)



WEEK #6:  70 miles…yes, another relatively low volume (for me) training week and mainly I just didn’t want to risk things with the shin pain. The good news is I somehow was able to roll quite a bit on the long run and feel strong….always a good sign before an ultra marathon! Also, I’ve been enjoying the FKT efforts up Green instead of doing flat tempo runs at 5:20 pace. The view is always worth the climb!


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