Training Update: Nov. 4th-10th, 2012

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Training Update: week of November 4th-10th, 2012

11-4-12: OFF (ran a tad on/up the amazing Sand Dunes right under the mountains near Salida,CO. Spent most of day driving back from Grand Canyon adventure)

(0 miles)

photo credit: Dan Gorman


11-5-12: AM: Easy 75min out back S. Boulder. Felt surprisingly good…only quads a little stiff.

(9.5 miles)


11-6-12: PM: Easy 63min out back S. Boulder. Left knee a little tender (decided not to double)

(8.5 miles)


11-7-12: “Uphill Tempo” ended up being a Green Mountain FKT for the backside (10min warm-up, 31min strong uphill, 49min coasting downhill) let it loose a little going up Backside of Green Mountain (from Gregory lot up Ranger trail). This is my new favorite route up Green because you can run faster and there aren’t quite as many steps (or so it seems) compared to Amp on the frontside.  Still really hurt from the effects of altitude on breathing as it felt like I had a dry sock stuffed in my mouth! Legs felt strong though. Ran down flagstaff road and then found flagstaff trail and some other trails to extend the run.

Splits: Wooden bridge after first little downhill: 4:43

Building/cottage/ranger station: 13:57

Greenman trail split: 17:00

Summit post of Green: 31:48

(10 miles)



AM: Steady 80min with Kenyon Neuman (13:40 5k runner ) and Zach Hine (teammate at Cornell, 29:07 10k runner, 1:03 half marathoner)… on ”poormans” loop up Canyon road towards Gold Hill and then around campus (hilly). First “paved” run I’ve done in a long time and it didn’t feel real great!

PM: Easy 40min trails

(17 miles)



PM: Easy 9.5 in 72minutes

(9.5 miles)



Long Run: 26.2 miles in 3:03 (6:59/ave mile). Headed out on mostly singletrack for a hilly and rolling trail effort (over 2,000 feet vertical gain). Squeezed it down a bit on Mesa trail for a big negative split, feeling pretty solid. Had 20 ounces of Gatorade in my 20 ounce Ultimate Direction handheld and took one gel during the run. At first I was just going to run 25 miles and then mid-run decided that I might as well go 26.2!

(26.25 miles)

11-10-12: Easy 40min out and back on flat trails

(5 miles)…shin a little sore so took it nice and easy.


WEEK #5:  76 miles….oh, man I am just not having any luck getting my mileage up over 100mpw like I wanted to! When I wrote my training plan I put I originally wanted to hit 120 this week. The thing is, I’m going to just play this by ear like I’ve done most of the summer/fall. I’m tired of being over-trained and risking a possible injury so I back off quite a bit these days. Despite not running 120 to 140 miles a week like I used to before road marathons I am still confident that my fitness will come around for the 50-miler on the hills of San Fran in 3 weeks.  Looking back on my training log it appears that I didn’t crack 100mpw for the last 5 weeks going into the White River 50 and I felt pretty strong there. We’ll see how things go!


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