Training Week: Feb. 17th – Feb. 23, 2013 and Training Talk video

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Here’s my latest Training Talk video on Race nutrition for marathon to 100km ultra distances:


It is quite long and I rant a bit…. you can subscribe to my YouTube channel “Vo2max Productions” for all the latest videos and Training Talk updates. Feel free to comment about topics you’d like to see in the future as well!  Thanks again for all the support.


Here’s a bit from my training log:

2-17-13: Easy 110min or so with Sandi on E. Boulder Trails down towards Coot lake.

(13.25 miles)


2-18-13:  Steady 2 hours “Saw a Mountain Lion!!!” Ran up Bear Peak (8500 feet) via the west ridge route from the apartment and put a little gusto into the ascent (46min from Mesa trail split including stopping/walking to see a Mountain Lion on the way up…freaky!) Then ran straight back down…a bit of ice and snow too!

(14.75 miles,  3200feet of vertical)


2-19-13:  Easy 75 minutes on S.Boulder creek path.

(9.5 miles)


2-20-13: LT/Tempo Workout (first road-speedy workout all year!) ran out to Marshall road and did 2 by 3 miles in 15:47 and 15:48 (last mile split 5:08) with a 1 mile easy in about 10 minutes in-between.  Should’ve taken a shorter rest but my pacing was a bit erratic (the road also wasn’t completely flat and the out-back messed with a tad of wind). Given this was my first “speed” workout this whole year and it was at 5300feet of elevation in the middle of a 100mpw so I’ll take it…although it is humbling when you can only average your marathon race pace for such a “short” workout.

(11 miles)


2-21-13: Easy 80 minutes snow S. boulder

(10 miles)



2-22-13: Long 27 miles in 3:01 (6:44 average pace came through marathon in 2:57) steady at the Res (did two laps then out-back on N. boulder trails). Pretty flat but still 1700+ vertical.  Little slick spots in couple inches of snow! Didn’t look at GPS watch first 13 miles but then was happy with pace so squeezed it down. Def took a little gusto because of snow. Had 2, UD handhelds full with Gatorade (switched 13 miles in at car) and took 2 gels along with an S! cap. Felt solid!

(27 miles)


NOTE: got a blood test (CBC and Ferritin for iron right before this long run: Results:

Hematocrite up to 47, Hemoglobin 16,  and my Ferritin back up in the 80s!…looks like altitude training and eating healthy is finally starting to pay off!)


2-23-13: Long (easy) 3.5 hours for about 20 miles on trails at 8000 feet+ with Sandi (no gels) but legs a little tired just spending time on feet. Big week!

(20 miles)



Week #5 total: 105.5 miles…whew! First time back up over 100mpw since May 2012 when I was training for Mt. Washington. Feeling good about my fitness for Tarawera 100k in just 3 weeks.


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  1. Laxmikant Sinha says:

    Hi Sage –
    Thanks for another great post and your advice on nutrition, it was very information. Not to mention, your training logs looks pretty solid, way to go!!!

    I have recently started having chia seeds (with water or lime water), two kale smoothies/day (mixed with berries, chocolate soy/almond milk) almost every other day if not daily, Fish Oil Pills (3-4/day) for omega-3. Do you think this is going to help me?

    On my long runs (15-20 milers), till now I have been doing it with only water or dates…I was always inclined to use gels, may be now is the time.

    Any advice?

  2. SageCanaday says:

    hey thanks!
    sounds like you are eating healthy. That does sound like quite a fiew Fish Oil Pills though (I’d maybe question the dosage on those). Then again, I take Flora Udo’s Oil because I’m vegetarian and don’t eat fish!

    Dates are great (As with most fruits) for long runs. The energy during training and racing may be very different though and if you are racing events longer than 20 miles you might want to carry a little extra or drink something besides just water.

  3. Flandria says:

    It’s really nice that you share this info because it’s great information! Thank you and always looking forward to you posts and videos. I learned quite a bit. More success to your races!

  4. SageCanaday says:

    Hey thank you for the support! Best of luck with your training as well!

  5. Laxmikant says:

    Hi Sage –
    I appreciate your feedback. I will alter my food intake as per your suggestions. I’m sure, it’s going to help me.

  6. Mike B. says:

    Hi Sage,

    I’m starting to go more and more towards fruits/vegetables and making smoothies with my nutribullet with kale/spinach, frozen mango, blueberries, pineapple, banana etc. I recently tried spirulina with them
    as i’ve heard it is a superfood especially for vegetarians/vegans. It does seem to pack a punch giving quite an energy boost. Have you tried this or have you heard anything about it?

  7. howitz says:

    Hey Sage, great stuff you have here in the training blog/log. Glad that someone is posting their workouts up online like you!

    I am curious as am also a ultra trail runner, do you get some tapering before a 100k race ?

  8. Michael says:

    hey Sage, interesting post, what is your take on the idea of doing morning workouts BEFORE a breakfast, I have heard/seen mixed views on this, Dr.Clyde Wilson opposes it, but I have seen that east Africans apparently do it.

  9. SageCanaday says:

    at Hansons we almost always did workouts before breakfast…I basically rolled out of bed, drank some coffee and was running within 15 minutes. Going into a moderate paced 20-miler it didn’t seem to make much of a difference and i felt fast on an empty stomach (the idea for me was to try to burn more fat though)

  10. Michael says:

    thats interesting/impressive, Im doing easy and moderate runs on empty to cut any weight I can for a 13.1, its honestly very difficult, maybe Im just not used to it

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