Training Talk #4: Distance Running Principles

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As promised, I’m going to continue on with my YouTube “Training Talk” video series. In this video, I rant about 3 core principles or concepts that I’ve found over the last 15 years to have been most helpful in my distance running career.  Also, I start off by listing off some major influences that have contributed to these principles (mainly certain coaches, books, my own failures and learning from fellow runners/teammates in the community over the years).

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Here’s  Training Talk #4:



Thanks again for all the support and best of luck with your running!





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  1. RJ says:

    Hi Sage. Thank you for sharing your, well, sage words of wisdom with us all.

    I would be very interested to hear your take on the art of structuring a training schedule… I have been running 2 weeks hard (95-105 mi/wk), followed by an easy week. I have struggled to determine an appropriate mileage to drop down to on those easy weeks. This week (easy), I’m shooting for 80-85mi. I have not been able to dig up any resources on the web and have mostly been structuring my easier weeks based on feel and recovery. Sorry if this is too irrelevant of a topic.

    Thanks in advance, and rip it up at Lake Sonoma! Cheers from the Eastern Sierra.

  2. Michael says:

    know of any good workouts that indicate 10k and/or half marathon shape?

  3. SageCanaday says:

    tempo runs are always good…either practicing goal half marathon race pace for 6-8 miles or running 3-4 miles at current 10k pace + about 15 seconds/mile

  4. SageCanaday says:

    Thanks for your comment! It appears you are training very hard with high volume. Check out some of my “Training Talks” on YouTube under my channel “Vo2max Productions.” With recovery weeks it’s not always the drop in mileage that helps but the drop in workout frequency, the types of harder workouts you do, and your pace on your easy/recovery days along with the amount of vertical (or hills) you are doing…so lots of variables! So periodization is key, working on your Lactate Threshold is key, and not overtraining or getting injuried is key. When I design a training plan i work backwards from the target race…10 days out you start the taper…2-3 weeks out there are some Vo2max workouts (depends on the distance your are running though!). Hope that helps a little. Feel free to comment on my YouTube channel for future “Training Talks”


  5. ehud says:

    Hi Sage,
    I’m always interested reading/hearing your training talks.
    last Thursday i competed in my first ever 120k ultra-marathon and after 14h and 100k i decided to “DNFed” my self since i wasn’t really able running and walking wasn’t efficient at all with no right reason to keep put stress on my legs that were about to be locked as a log and any way at that walking pace i wasnt able to make it against the “cut off” time…
    I’m not shore i was bonked since my mind was clear and I’m know that i have made the right call for myself at that moment, my quads has decided 🙂
    i wondered if in your next training talk you can explain and give examples of :
    1. your strength routine if there is any? and its benefits?
    2. pacing strategy during a long ultra-marathon since i might have ran faster than i should have and eventually did not finished + hills pace VS downhills VS flats.

    any way – these are the topics i think brought me to that point which if i improve them maybe next time ill be O.K and will finish.

    thank you very much and keep that coolnes


  6. SageCanaday says:

    Hi Ehud,
    Thanks for your message. I’ve only done up to 100km races and the last one (Tarawera) I ended up walking as well! Sometimes it has to do with general muscle failure in the leg muscles, dehydration, and a slow “bonk.” You have to be totally depleted of sugars/energy to hit a real bonk where you feel dizzzy.

    Pacing is really really important for this longer races. It’s always better to start off very very slow and easy. Training is also important in getting in consistent high mileage and some single long runs (As well as spending time on your feet and getting in lots of hills).

    I don’t do any strength training outside of running anymore except for some sit-ups and push-ups on some days. I figure the more time spent running the better although it is important not to overtrain and risk injury.

    Best of luck!

  7. David says:


    Training Talk #4 was extremely helpful. It is full of great information and specificity that I can use for my half marathon, marathon and ultra training. If your scheduling for coaching programs opens up please send me an email. I see it is full at this point.

    Congratulations on LS50 – Incredible!!


  8. SageCanaday says:

    hey David,
    Thanks so much for your feedback and kind words – glad you like the Trainng Talk video! Thanks for your interest in Vo2max Productions coaching services. The only coaching service I offer now is a $25 email-only consultation. Best of luck with your training and future races!

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